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Portland, OR.
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Sea-Witch (in progress)
Careful Mountain (Civil Coping Mechanisms, June 28th, 2016)
Sara or the Existence of Fire (Horse Less Press, 2014)
Wolf Doctors (Artifice Books, 2014, out of print)

~yr various hairlessnesses~ (self-published, 2015)
Don't Smoke in Bed: Letters (Saucepot Publishing, 2015)
stonepoems with Carrie Lorig (solar ▲ luxuriance, 2014, out of print)
Warm Morning (The New Megaphone, 2014, out of print)
Cloudbusting (audio chapbook, Black Cake Records, 2014)
rootpoems with Carrie Lorig (Radioactive Moat Press, 2013, out of print)
Speckled Flowers (Persistent Editions, 2013, out of print)

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